Want New Year’s Resolution Success?

Discover 3 SECRETS OF CHANGE that will improve your ability to succeed.

Congratulations for resolving to have a successful New Year’s Resolution this year!

Listen to the interview and learn 3 secrets (actually more than three) that will help you successfully keep your New Year’s Resolutions. You will learn about Trent’s own transformation of losing 138 pounds in 10 months and running a marathon AND discover what you need to do to begin a lasting transformation.

I Spent 40 Years as the fat guy…

And… with the help of some friends, lost 138 lbs and ran a marathon in 10 months with no surgery, no special diet, and no gym membership. On my journey, I discovered secrets of lasting personal change. Sharing my personal transformation and the principles of change seem to inspire and motivate others to change. Watching that transformation in others brings me immense joy.


If you want to change, I can help…

Are you DEAF to the best possible you?

HEAR; the calling that comes from within. LISTEN; to Transform and Elevate your life.

Confront the mediocrity, apathy, and fear and serve others with no thought of return, it brings true meaning to every aspect of life, true joy in our journey.