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Motivational Speaking

What To Expect

Trent speaks to organizations large and small throughout the world.

Expect a one hour inspirational speaking session where you’ll hear Trent’s grueling account of losing 138 pounds and running a marathon in ten months while uncovering the principles of lasting change discovered along the way.

Learn how to apply these principles of change to transform and elevate your own life and organization.

Speaking Engagement Details

What You’ll Learn

During your one hour motivational speaking session, Trent will cover the key principles and learnings discovered via his transformation, including:

    1. The core pillars of transformation expressed through the acronym “D.E.A.F.”
    1. How three components: your mind, body, and spirit are connected and how lasting change needs to encompass all three.
  1. Why sharing vulnerability opens one to making stronger connections with others and how vulnerability can positively impact you and your organization.
  2. Identifying daily essential activities that lead to change.
  3. Creating your personal oath.

When is Trent Available?

Between coaching and running events Trent’s speaking time is limited. Only a limited number of speaking engagements per month are available. Please fill out the form above or call us immediately to schedule your speaking engagement.

Where Will Trent Travel?

Trent travels throughout the world to speak to organizations large and small.

How Will Trent’s Presentation Benefit Your Organization

    1. Trent has discovered that personal growth = organizational growth. If individuals within your organization are improving their personal lives, the work aspect of someone’s life is also improved.
  1. Investment in people delivers results and effects positive change. 

Schedule Trent To Inspire You


The first five people to book a speaking engagement for 2020 will receive a special discount – Book now!

January Price: $1,497 + Travel  (Regularly $8,579)


Trent brings an “I’ve been there” perspective

“Trent brings an “I’ve been there” perspective to his public speaking. When you hear him, you’re not listening to someone give a sanitized version of his life, you get the real Trent–the highs and the lows–and you identify with his journey. You discover that real change is possible through God’s grace.”

Roy D. Pyatt, J.D.

He drew us all into the conversation with his honesty and willingness to engage his feelings

“The first time I heard Trenton Heppler speak was in a church meeting ascribing to specific principles. These meetings can drone, however, when Trent spoke he was immediately engaging. He drew us all into the conversation with his honesty and willingness to engage his feelings, doubts, vulnerability, hopes, and dreams that encompasses all of our lives. I have been to a Les Brown training seminar to train speakers in public speaking, motivation, and in helping people to engage their brighter futures. Trent appeared to do this naturally and with ease. I did not know his employment at the time and assumed that he was a motivational speaker. At a dinner later, I found he was employed elsewhere at the time but I stated that this was a path he should consider because of his incredible ability to relate and encourage. You will find the conversation, and though it may be a presentation, I mean conversation of encouragement, uplift, breaking down old fears both engaging and relatable. You will truly enjoy your time with him and will value the opportunity to hear him speak and to change your lives.”

-Kevin Jay Olsen, Engineer/Karate Instructor/Sailor

Trent’s story of transformation is truly epic and amazing

“Trent’s story of transformation is truly epic and amazing to me. His journey to a better, more positive and healthy life shows that change doesn’t have to take lots of money or extreme medical intervention. We each have power within us to be more than we were yesterday or the past decade. Trent is not just a great example of one who has persevered, but he is also using his gifts and experience to help others elevate their own lives.”

-Nathan Robles, Sculptor

Every organization would benefit from Trent’s motivational speaking

“Trent’s energy, passion and profound life changes have inspired hundreds of individuals to amend their lives for the better.  He has a magnetic way of engaging an audience and presenting thought provoking and inspiring lessons about a change in perspective and in action.  As a speaker he tunes into where you are on your journey as an individual or group and encourages and supports, personally and collectively, to strive for your very best every day. His dynamic presentation style will not only drive the point home but will also captivate the audience. I believe every organization would benefit from Trent’s motivational and speaking skills.”

-Scott Gifford, State Farm Agent, MBA

Confront the mediocrity, apathy, and fear and serve others with no thought of return, it brings true meaning to every aspect of life, true joy in our journey.