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About Trent Heppler

A Brief Biography

I spent 40 years as the fat guy – developing my fat, funny persona. However, inwardly I was full of fear and depression AND I struggled with habits, that I didn’t realize were addictions.  As I approached my 40th birthday I knew there was more to me and more to life. I dreamt of running a marathon. I dreamt of being healthy. I dreamt of deeper relationships. I knew I needed change. So, I put my trust in the Lord, teamed up with some influential friends and family, and started my transformation – my journey of change.

10 ½ months later and 138 pounds lighter I crossed the Foot Traffic Flat marathon finish line and a new life began. During my journey, I discovered the real secret to authentic and lasting change and in so doing, discovered a new me.

Fast forward to today: I’ve  completed 2 Marathons and a Half Ironman and did it all without surgery, a special diet, or a gym membership.

I’ve found that sharing this personal transformation and the lessons I learned through my journey inspires and motivates others to change. And watching that transformation in others brings me immense joy.  

I am a widower, a father, an author, a speaker, a transformational coach and ultimately – an agent of change. My passion is to help others transform and elevate their lives. I am Trent Heppler.

The Personal Details

  • FAMILY: Widower to an amazing woman with a daughter, step daughter, and son. I am the youngest of six children with four older sisters and one brother.
  • LIFE’S PLEASURES: I love spending time with family and friends, experiencing new activities, and helping others. I also enjoy walk/runs with friends and working out in general.
  • RELIGIOUS VIEWS: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint.
  • EDUCATION: I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
  • GEOGRAPHY: Kennewick, WA. USA.
  • TRENT’S PASSION: To help others transform and elevate their lives.

The Symbol of Transformation


This symbol represents TRANSFORMATION and was developed by Trent Heppler and Micah West. It is made up of the delta symbol plus two additional peaks (which represent the mountains of change).

The Delta Symbol (?): the fourth (uppercase) letter in the Greek Alphabet is the Delta symbol (?). Delta stands for the number 4 in Greek. In Mathematics, the Delta symbol represents change.

The Triangle: is known as one of the strongest geometric shapes. 

The Peaks: represent the mountains we have to climb to change or transform. There are two peaks to represent the fact that there is more than one mountain we must climb in order to achieve greatness or perfection.

The Two Tones/Shades of Color: represent that as we climb and transform we have moments of darkness and moments of light.

The Transformation Symbol: combines all the elements above to create a powerful symbol representing transformation.

Ultimately, we can all transform and improve our minds, bodies, and spirits  and our lives. This change requires work. But it is possible.

Confront mediocrity, apathy, and fear and serve others with no thought of return. That brings true meaning to every aspect of life, true joy in our journey.